Shepperton Village Fair, Part 1: the procession

Saturday, 12th June, the Hogsback Chapter called its members for a event in Shepperton, to the annual Village Fair 2010.

We were participating in 3 events, our Harley Davidson’s would lead the procession through the village High Street (Part 1), then our polished bikes would go on display in the main arena for the public to inspect (Part 2), and some children to sit on them under close supervision. Finally, the Hogsback’s entered for the first year a self build raft in the Great Nauticalia Raft Race (Part 3).

What a fun day, Hogsback made Fastest Race with their “Harley-Davidson on Water”.

Here the first part pictures from the preparation and our procession through the town of Shepperton:

shall we let him out again??


2008 and 2010 Road King Classic – find the details

down we go the High Street


One Response to “Shepperton Village Fair, Part 1: the procession”

  1. eclectnik Says:

    Some nice shots of the village of Shepperton there! Here’s a little video about Shepperton I found while surfing around.
    I think it must be for an estate agent but it gives a nice view of the area.

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