Road King goes to: UCA

UCA – University for the Creative Arts

On a sunny afternoon, we drove to Farnham for the Summer Exhibition 2010 at the UCA, our son is studying there Product Design/Sustainable Futures.

Farnham is a quirky market town, full of striking Georgian architecture and bohemian bars. There is even a castle!

Once upon a time, Farnham was on the most major crossroads on the main road from London to the south, probably the equivalent of the M25/M3 in Ye Olde England. In the Bronze Age and beyond, Farnham became the crossroads to be seen on, and this epitomises the essential spirit of Farnham’s friendly community today – many roads bringing people together.

Just 55 minutes by train direct from London, Farnham seems the ideal place to study the arts. The city provides the space you need to reflect and practice, but within easy reach of the hottest galleries, exhibitions and contacts. Guildford can be reached in just 15 mins drive, with its multi-screen cinema, multiple nightclubs and all the shops you’ll ever need.

UCA Farnham’s Students’ Union is pivotal to the Farnham students social calendar. Providing night club entertainment from Monday to Friday and hosting all sorts of societies and clubs, from break dancing & football to the cinema society.

inside UCA

It’s not surprising that there are over 50 pubs to choose from in the town – Farnham’s roots lie in the brewery trade. In the town centre an old converted brewery, The Maltings, provides a large range of entertainment from music and stand up comedy to theatre.

me in the filmstudio of the UCA

The Barn – an off beat ‘eco – friendly social club’ and organic/vegetarian bar is a must-do Farnham student experience. Become a member and attend exclusive musical events and late night openings. Expect to sit cross legged on the floor, listen to some live guitar and – if you keep an open mind – you should meet lots of new people. The barn also brings Farnham’s creative arts festival, BarnFest, to life.

It’s little wonder that the UK’s first creative arts university (that’s UCA by the way) has had a site in Farnham since the 1860s. About 400,000 years ago the Romans used Farnham clay to make stunning pottery and UCA is carrying on that tradition in a contemporary fashion today – albeit with the added help of state of the art kilns, laser cutters, engravers and other swanky machinery!

Here some work of the students

Product Design Show Room


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