The one with the UK Polling Station

Thursday, 6th May 2010: general elections in Great Britain.

Although I am not allowed to vote in the national election, as a European I am allowed to vote in the Local election, I think it is very important for every citizen to exercise his right of vote.

I took my Harley with me:

The Road King Classic had to wait outside

while I put my cross and paper into the right box

Addendum – I just read on a BBC website on What can you NOT do in a polling station CAN I TAKE A PHOTO? No. British democracy works on the basis of a secret ballot. For that reason, says Tonkin, the media are banned from filming, taking photographs or reporting from inside the polling station. The same applies to individuals. Don’t be tempted to take a picture – you’ll be asked to delete it and told not to do it again.

Tonkin wasn’t there, so I asked the polling station staff for permission to take the above picture on the basis of not showing people nor their vote, just the 2 ballot boxes. The permission was kindly granted.


One Response to “The one with the UK Polling Station”

  1. more of the bike pls

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