CCC – Cheap Chinese Copies

CCC is not only a very bad credit rating, I like to use it for Cheap Chinese Copies.

Recently, 2 very disturbing variations came to my attention: the Mini, and… a Harley Davidson.

The piece of plastic is a Jinlun, and they even do not shy away from copying Harley-Davidson color scheme on their UK website:

I do consider this to be close to product piracy. Do these companies lack any kind of creativity?

Enjoy your Linjun ride


3 Responses to “CCC – Cheap Chinese Copies”

  1. What about of two stroke engines by HD after the WWII? Also copies of German DKW engines..when we talking about copy-paste actions 🙂 How you can explain XA model..learn something about HD history then start to spit on the others manufacturers.

  2. I agree with Carlos, among few bikes I have, Honda Foresight, Derbi GPRR, Aprilia RS, I got a chinese bike named Kinroad XT250-16, I was pretty suspicious about quality, but big amount of flaws are in assembly by the cheap labor with no experience in motorcycling, but when I fixed all that, it turns out a nice looking, cheap and reliable but not very comfy motorcycle with insanely low fuel consumption 2.5l on 100km and that is pretty low fot 250cc. So If You know anything about motorcycles You would know that there is no exact “copy” cause most of parts are standardized and used in for example honda, suzuki, yamaha etc, like frames, 2 inline cylinder engines, wheels etc… This motorcycle from Your picture have nothing in common with HD, its prole model was a suzuki marauder and honda rebel basically but with some visual changes.
    Next time I suggest you to educate yourself about something before starting a theme, “know your enemy” 😉

    Best regards!

  3. I own a jinlun 125-13, and think that you have missed the point with them. They are 125 or 250cc engined bikes for beginners that dont want to learn on a pidley scooter or simular. Last time I checked Harley’s dont come in a 125cc for learner bikers, and if they did most new bikers couldn’t justify spending their life savings on a first bike that on average is only going to last you upto 2 years. Secondly nearly all Jinlun owners acknowlege that the build quality is nowhere near that of a Harley, but what they are is the best build quality of the chinese bikes, it uses Honda and suzuki frames, and been told they actually use the Honda engine badged as Jinlun, they are also cheap, reliable, easy to work on and maintain, nice looking and pleasant to ride. I would look at them as a first step on the ladder to large cruiser bikes.

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