Meeting military base standards

I must admit, I am slightly confused viewing this recent advertisement from Harley-Davidson:

It is  about a nice orange High Visibility vest, branded with the Harley Davidson logo, front and back.

But then in the text it says: Meets military base standards for visibility.

When I hear the words “visibility” and “military”, I immediately think : camouflage, not visibility, as understandably nobody wants to make it easy for the enemy snipers.

With a military based target group in mind, I must ask: is this vest now really highly visible, or more like this:

Last year the BBC TV-reporter Orla Guerin send a clip from the front in South Waziristan, wearing a pretty bright blue bulletproof vest and helmet.

To all soldiers and reporters from whatever country, I wish you a safe return to your Harley at home


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