Road King goes to: The Weir

Yesterday evening I took the Road King Classic to a Pub/Restaurant, The Weir Hotel in Walton on Thames, which I visited several times in the past, and always enjoyed for its very nice atmosphere and really good food. Until now I went there by bicycle, using the Thames cycle path from home via Hampton Court to Windsor, and back.

This time I drove there with the Harley, still wearing all the scars from the impact with a Land Rover last weekend. Repairs will take some more weeks I fear. But the Road King drives well, even with the left saddlebag missing and one rear indicator fixed to the fender with ducktape, and it was great to be back in the still warm evening to this place, as the pub is located next to the river Thames, just opposite a large weir.

A weir, also known as a lowhead dam, is a small overflow-type dam commonly used to raise the level of a river or stream. Weirs have traditionally been used to create mill ponds in such places. Water flows over the top of a weir, although some weirs have sluice gates  which release water at a level below the top of the weir. The crest of an overflow spillway on a large dam is often called a weir.

The great thing of this pub, with its large outdoor seating area, is that its distant from any traffic, in green surrounding with a wonderful noise of the flowing water. Really a place to relax. Here some pictures, I must admit “stolen” from their Website.

The pictures must have been from last season, as this year the tables are painted in something resembling British Racing Green.

This satellite view shows the nice location the the pub next to a large weir, giving it his name.

Here a more exact map of the location of the Weir, easiest is to enter in Google Maps the postcode: KT12 2JB

So if you are in the corner of the world, on the west side of London, south of Heathrow and close to Hampton Court,  and want to sit in the shade of trees next to a river and its noisy weir, this is a place I can recommend for a short break. There is easy parking, as many guests come by bicycle, and as said above, you get really good food for the money, but it can be crowded on hot afternoons and bank holidays.

I can report that my success rate to hit neutral on the first try improved from 25% to 70%

the journey continues…


2 Responses to “Road King goes to: The Weir”

  1. Mona Lisa Says:

    Is there a HD dealer in the Weir Hotel?

  2. Is there a t-shirt available from this Harley Davidson in Weir?

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