Crashed at 109 miles…

First of all the most important: I am fine, shaken, but fine.

I drove 109 miles in total with my brand new Road King Classic, when a brand new Land Rover crashed into me at Sheperd and Flock Roundabout near Farnham in Surrey. Here a map of the place:

There was quite some traffic on this busy day, and I was traveling at a very low speed. But the Land Rover behind me must have traveled a tad faster, as it hit me in the back. Pictures of the 2 vehicles involved:

I must say that I am proud of the Road King, its dent seems smaller then the one on the Land Rover. That is what happens if heavy metal meets plastic. I am convinced that my old Goldwing’s plastic dress would have provided less protection, and I would have had more damage.

As I had some back pain, a ambulance was called, and again I must say how impressed I am with the UK’s NHS system. The A&E crew was well trained, competent, and arrived very quickly.

The Harley was moved to the road side by the police, and as I felt better after the check-up in the ambulance, I was able to inspect it, fix the left saddlebag with a old dog lead the Land Rover driver gave me, and could make the short trip back to my dealership in Guildford. At first glance the frame and rear suspension seemed not damaged, but all that could be done for me on this sunny Saturday day was to book me in for a detailed damage assessment with cost analysis for the insurance companies beginning of May.

The Bleiglass journey continues…


5 Responses to “Crashed at 109 miles…”

  1. thats not good but nice to see the chelsea tractor came off worse against some proper iron, glad your ok

    PLS email me

  2. This looks like an accident waiting to happen…..Good job ADOT. Couldn’t think to put in Control Lights as it was being built. You put someones life in danger agian by building it the way you did. Bummer for the bike. Glad your OK !!! I’ll also bet 4 wheeler was on their cell phone, eating lunch, getting dressed, putting on make up and brushing teeth and in a hurry to get somewhere…. 4 wheelers+???????????????????????????

  3. Thanks guys, lucky I was on a Harley. The good news is: I can still drive until it will be fixed in a couple of weeks when the insurance companies give their go ahead. Taped the missing left rear indicator to the bended fender, rewired it, works fine, just ugly…

  4. Wow, sorry. My heart goes out to you. You waited so long, you wanted it so badly, and you only got 109 miles before something like this happened.

  5. That is dreadful.

    I guess it can happen anywhere at any time, but after just 109 miles…. not good. It looks from the overhead picture that the lane you were in merges with another lane coming in from the left. With the busy traffic you report, I imagine the Land Rover driver was looking to their left to see where they could merge and just ran into the back of you.

    I am glad to hear you are ok and I hope the bike gets fixed soon.


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