Do you talk HD?

If you write a blog, you read other blogs. And I stumbled over one, called hdtalking, with potentially interesting content. I was reading the thread by a UK user who joined and introduced himself, his name is OAGENT, and he bought recently, like myself, a black Road King Classic.

All I wanted to say was: “Hi, good choice, I also live in the UK, I also ordered a black Road King Classic, maybe our ways cross, have a look at my blog and have a safe journey”.

Writing in a forum is not always easy, as you first have to register, which I did under the same nick I am using since many years in many forums, also in YouTube: Bleiglass.

Partial screenshot of Webpage

Then came the usual control email, and after clicking on its link to confirm my identity I was greeted as a new member of this forum. I wrote my comment to OAGENT, submitted it and was told that it would be visible after a administrator had approved it.

So I waited. A couple of hours later I logged in again, and was greeted by this message:

Banned for life because of poor choice of log in name? I understand and accept that admins of forums have to set rules, and have the right to exclude users, but was was going on here?

What is wrong with Bleiglass?

My sense of justice still feel that a explanation for this strange action is necessary, but as I was banned, I could not raise such question to the admins as a member, only through the guest section. I am now waiting since 2 days for a reply, still waiting, nothing, and not very hopeful something will happen at all.

Dear reader: are you a member in this forum? Or even one of the admins? Could you kindly ask the powers of hdtalking what they consider a poor choice of log in name, and why they do not like mine?

If you could, please tell OAGENT that the Road King Classic in black is a great choice, but that the forum in which he decided to post his enthusiasm may have been a poor choice. I still hope that this issue gets resolved in a friendly way and turns out to be a simple technical error.


One Response to “Do you talk HD?”

  1. What you experienced on is disgraceful! Because of your experience there, and others who have been similarly abused, I, a former member on that forum, have not only opened my OWN forum, (notice the .net), further, have trademarked and copy-righted the hdtalking brand, something the owner of the .com domain never bothered to do. I implore you to join my brand new web site, literally just put on line this week, and help me build a Harley Community Site worthy of find riders like yourself! Hope to see you there!

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