My Harley-Davidson dealer in Guildford

I may not have a addiction (yet), but as I had a meeting close to my dealership in Harley-Davidson Guildford, I decided to go to see them and pass some documents for the registration of my ordered bike. To my surprise, there it was, standing in the showroom with a big sign on it saying: SOLD, do not sit on this motorcycle. Actually, they added a “Please” to start the request, but as it was MY bike, they could stayed firm on the request.

Here it is, the first picture of my first Harley-Davidson, a 2010 Road King Classic:

The white of the tires is still covered with a blue protective layer, the accessories have not yet been added, and some other little details need attention, but the PDI, the pre-delivery, inspection has unfortunately not yet been performed, as I am scheduled to take delivery later this week.

I was surprise to see how busy it was at the Harley-Davidson dealership on a sunny Saturday morning, with a Refreshment and Hot-Dog stall, the only thing missing for a real party was a band playing some music.

Here some impressions, which also show the the great weather we presently have. And this at a time where I have no bike…

Yehiel Lieber, thank you for your valuable advise and patience


2 Responses to “My Harley-Davidson dealer in Guildford”

  1. Yes, with the D1, first digital SLR from 2000, just 2.7mp, but large CCD and good optics. These pictures were taken with the AF-S Nikkor DX 12-24mm 1.4 G ED, and Photoshop adjustment for web.

  2. Harley dealerships are big on cookouts and bands here in the US too.

    Did you take those photos with your Nikon?


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