The Harley has landed

One of the most memorable quotes in modern times for me is: “The Eagle has landed“,  the first words uttered by Neil Armstrong after the Apollo 11 mission landed on the moon in 1969. The full quotation of Armstrong’s words is  “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

The really really first words uttered on the surface of the moon by a human being were actually Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin saying “Contact light!”, followed by a brief exchange of technical jargon related to shutting down the engines of the lunar module.

On April 12th, 2010 I received the long awaited message from my local Harley Davidson dealer, that my Road King Classic arrived. It felt like heaven send, as the outside temperature was rising, and spring showed its full glory over the weekend.

To be honest, the Harley did not land from space, but landed in a harbor, as it was shipped by crate from the US factory, leaving some US port on March 18th 2010. These are the only details the online order system of Harley would offer my dealer on this journey, or at least that is what he was willing to share with me.

Some days ago I wrote about a ETA of 20.4., now I am hopeful I will drive the Road King Classic out of the courtyard in Guildford some days earlier, ideally this Saturday. Insurance paperwork is in the post, number plates selected, and the weather forecast is ….


Update: stop dreaming, collection possible on or after 21.4. Now it looks more like Saturday 24.4.

Sorry, but I hope it rains this Saturday…

to be continued…


One Response to “The Harley has landed”

  1. 10 days! Oy!

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