The sun is out – where is my bike?

The first real nice weather in the UK, warm and sunny on Saturday, equally comfortable on Sunday. And I am without a bike to take advantage of these first signs of spring, my Harley is up for delivery with a ETA of 20. April 2010, 8 days to wait…

I know there are other things to do then driving a bike with no destination, like writing this blog, but what I really want to do is starting the engine and just hit the road. “Please be patient” is the monotonic advice of my Harley-Davidson dealer.

I thus continued to surf the web, and found a interesting blog I am now following, written by Patricia Henderson. Nice reading, I can recommend it, you find a link in the right pane.

I also subscribed to Google alerts for the keywords “Harley Davidson” and “Road King”. The results are numerous, a tad too many for my taste, and center about Craig Listings, new merchandise and… accidents. A dead here, another one there, it feels like on a daily basis a Harley driver seems to be killed in a accident. Very scary, this prompted me to search a bit deeper with the question in my head:

Do Harley drivers have more accidents then other drivers?

No, I found no indication for this, except that the Harley owners are a close community, brothers and sisters, caring about each other more then other brand drivers and actively reporting and commenting on accidents. This produces many electronic posts, feeds, tweets and retweets, and comments, that should not be mistaken for a higher level of accidents.

My wish to you all:


Nobody should be a dummy, there are other puppets to play this role.

I am driving big bikes since over 15 years, was not involved in any accident, but saw my share of them, in city commuting and as a long-range touring biker. You may have a wider interpretation to some laws of the police, but please drive always with respect to the law of physics, and the understanding that not everybody is as good a driver as yourself.

Nobody wants you or your bike to end up like this:


One Response to “The sun is out – where is my bike?”

  1. Really sorry you didn’t get your bike yet. Watched the calendar roll to mid-april and thought, “HEY LEMME CHECK HIS BLOG!” but no dice.

    Hang in there. The delay is the price of getting what you want.

    Oh yeah, and the $$$$$$. But it’s true, once you hop behind the bars you aren’t really going to be thinking about the cost: true for beaters, true for beauties.

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